During my study/work of virtualization, I have to dig into the code. It’s a lot of code I have to analysis, the SeaBIOS, the Linux kernel driver, the QEMU and so on. In this exceting journey I have written a lot of virtualization-related material. A lot of people has asked me some question while reading my blog.

Two years ago I decided to write a qemu/kvm book, not just it can help people but also it’s a memorial of my virtualization exploration. After countless night and weekends hard working, Fianlly it comes.

It’s Chinese name is 《QEMU/KVM源码解析与应用》,I think it’s English name can be ‘QEMU/KVM internals’.

This contains the very detailed analysis of qemu/kvm-related virtualization technologies.

  • Basic build block such as event loop framework, thread model, qom
  • The firmware emulation, contains the SeaBIOS analysis
  • The CPU emulation, memory emulation, device emulation and interrupt emulation
  • Finally it contains some misc topic like VM migration, QGA and qemu security

It can be found in following websites:

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